This article is old, and may not be accurate. Please use manual installations while an update of this article is being assembled.



We recommend installation of snipnet projects on your server using the "Snipnet Installer". This is considered the easiest way to deploy a snipnet project.

Installation can be done quick and easily by following the steps below.

1. Download the latest version of the installer from here
2. Unzip and upload the foler "installer" to your server
3. Run the installer VIA a web browser ""
Remember to replace with your domain name and your-directory with your sub directory name if you are installing on a specific folder


4. Complete the required feilds and click on the next button to select an installation method. Select "New" if you are running a fresh installation or select "Update" to update a current installed version.

5. Get your database credentials ready. On the next page complete the feilds with your database credentials and click on the finish button to begin your installation.


Check with your host provider on how to create a MySQLi database and user if you are a newbie.


I'm sure it doesnt get eassier than this. But if youre still finding things difficult kindly talk to our avaliable support team for asistance using the chatbox on the bottom right of your screen.